Monday, March 11, 2013

What Makes a Good Teammate? By Brett Caroll

I think to make a good teammate you must first have a model of a what a good teammate is. Maybe it's a leader, mentor, teacher etc..., but for me, that's Jesus.  He has made the biggest impact on me and His impact spills over into the club house and on the field.   If guys on your team know you care about the game, them, and winning, respect will follow. In my opinion, respect and trust is something that is earned. If a teammate can truly check his pride and ego at the door and play self-LESS for the betterment of the team, with the one common goal, to win a championship, then we all get better.  This can help make the journey of the game sweet. Also, I think its important to encourage and celebrate other guys, taking the focus off of ourselves.  I realize this can be hard for men, especially being in this competitive profession, but its truly freeing since God controls our destiny. I want my teammates to know that I have their backs on and off the field. Winning is not ultimate, but how you play the game and care for your teammates is crucial when wanting to make an impact. That's the stuff you really remember about people on this journey. Coming from the lenses of a believer, "what makes a good teammate" question can have many layers. If a teammate truly knows your care about them on and off the field, then by God's grace, doors may begin to open for authentic conversation. In my experience, this makes the season a lot  fun and brings joy to the grind. Try to get to know your teammates on a deeper level if they will allow it. I believe this starts with prayer and asking God, "Who are some guys to lock arms with?" and maybe if the Spirit is leading, share the gospel? In the end, this is really what it boils down to, baseball is just a tool in the hand of our powerful King to reflect HIS glory and win souls to Christ. I am so humbled by what God's grace has done in my life on and off the field that this frees me up to love on my teammates where they are and be unashamed of Jesus Christ.  To sum it all up, this game is imperfect and so are we, but praise Jesus for the saving work on the cross and His grace. As Christians and as Men the greatest thing we can do for our teammates, is humble ourselves, put your teammate's needs above your own, so that, in the end Christ is reflected and glorified.  To me, these are the ingredients Christ gives us to not only make a great teammate, but a great husband and a great friend. God is still growing me in these areas so I am not wearing the superman cape, but grateful His grace is sufficient. "He must increase, but I must decrease" John 3:30 

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