Friday, March 29, 2013

A Challenge

Fellas, sorry its been a while since I've last had something to say.  As our spring trainings wind down I thought this would be a good time to issue a challenge to the readers of this blog or competitors at any level.  I want to speak to the ones who call Jesus their king.  All of us have platforms, all of us have a circle of influence... All of us can make a difference for the Kingdom.  Recognize it, embrace it.
  I pray that 1 Tim 4:12 would be a guide for you this season.  I pray that we as believers would not shame the name of Jesus, instead, be a shepherd for those who are lost.  I pray that we would not be filled with doubt, but with the power of The Holy Spirit.   I pray that as success finds us that we remember to give thanks to the One who allows such things.  Adversely, when we struggle, I pray that we would have faith that our Lord is with us and through our perseverance we will grow stronger (James 1:2-4).
   Do not be just hearers of the Word... Be doers as well.  Lets let the lives we live be a billboard for Who we believe in.

Have fun, be strong, love all... Be Men of God this season.


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