Sunday, August 21, 2011


It's 1:40 in the morning, and i have just finished my 5th fantasy football mock draft on the espn site only minutes ago. While I was "mocking", there was a guy on there that was saying random things that didn't quite make sense to me. So, what do I do? I call him out. I ask him what the heck he's talking about and ask him to explain himself. Long story short, he went on to quote several movies and admit that he was an atheist and some other stuff. So I asked him whether he was an atheist or just an agnostic. He said he wasn't sure but either would do. All throughout this conversation I asked God to arm me and be my voice of reason. As the talk started winding down he revealed how he actually didn't think he was atheistic or agnostic and just was somewhere between believing in God and...not believing in God. I challenged him to keep digging and find out for himself, then I was suddenly booted off the website. This convo lasted about an hour.

I walked away hoping that God would do something in his heart...then it hit me. Then I realized what had really just happened. I have been going through a few week long lull as far as my walk goes. I haven't been diving into the word like I should, I haven't been praying like I should, and I hadn't been talking to God like I should. That whole time i was talking to that person I didn't even know I was calling out to God to armor me and be my voice of reason. That whole time....God and I were interacting. We were a team....we were just like He calls us to be all the time. Thanks God, nice hangin' with ya. I love you. Thanks for bringing me closer, and hopefully that other guy too.

-waino (the guy that's always looking to heal someone else's heart when sometimes all I need is to let God heal mine)